About DetectFire


DetectFire is American largest independent designer, manufacturer and distributor of advanced UL Listed Fire Detection System , and UL Listed Addressable Detectors & Alarm, Voice Evacuation & Communication Systems, and Controlled Access & Security solutions,UL Listed Agent Release Panel serving the global marketplace .

DetectFire is a leader of American fire and security industry and a trusted provider of comprehensive fire system solutions around the world.
DetectFire provides a complete range of fire products and customized fire system solutions tailored to the needs of different industries. With a sales infrastructure that covers more than 80 countries and regions, each Detect Fire employee has a role in achieving world-class quality, continuous improvement and customer-driven innovation on a daily basis.

DetectFire is one of only a few companies to have earned a range of international certificates of conformity to standards such as the global LPCB, Europe’s CE and Underwriters Laboratories(UL) and Factory Mutual (FM)

Executive management works together with our plant managers, engineers, and front line staff to respond quickly to customer needs. We are a relatively large company that thinks globally and acts locally, avoiding the bureaucracy and frustration that can often result from dealing with less flexible enterprises

DetectFire understands that its brand reputation depends not only on product excellence but also on the quality of its customer service. Its service team of more than 350 professionals provides expert technical service 24 hours a day. Wherever Detect Fire products are installed, their safe operation is assured.

While many manufacturers offer fire as an “add-on” solution to their featured product lines, it is our focus and what we specialize in. You can be assured we are committed to offering the best products for the best value in the markets


Improving our product to be updated with high technology for fire alarm system, with cost effective price.


Providing high quality fire alarm system by American Standards to provide our worldwide customer safety feeling.

Our Value

Our Company provides best solutions & technical support for fire alarm systems.